Choosing Your Confirmation Sponsor

Confirmation Sponsors are due by Tuesday, February 5.


  • Church recommends the Godparent – but many choose a separate Confirmation sponsor.
  • Must be 16 years of age or older, mature, confirmed and a practicing Roman Catholic
  • Cannot be a parent (although a parent can stand in as proxy)
  • Does not have to be the same gender
  • Should be someone with whom you can have a lifelong ongoing relationship (It is reccommended that you do not pick a current boyfriend or girlfriend.)
  • Does not have to physically be present at Confirmation (although it is nice if they can be) ex: older sibling @ college, Godparent out of town on vacation or business (Someone else will just need to stand in as a proxy for a sponsor you choose who is unable to be at the Confirmation.)
  • Ask God’s guidance in making this decision and seek advice from your parents as well.

Be prepared to fill out both:

  • Your sponsor’s first and last name (no nicknames unless you know he or she would prefer his or her name to be written that way in the program.)
  • Your sponsor's address complete with zip code. We send sponsors a letter with details about rehearsal and Confirmation.

Fill out the Form:





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