Choosing a Confirmation Name

Confirmation Names are due by Thursday, November 1st (All Saints’ Day).


  • Must be a saint’s name or the derivative of a saint (Mariah from Mary)
  • Confirmation name: can be your middle name
  • Can honor a relative but research the saint

Be prepared to fill out both:

  1. Your Confirmation Saint
    1. Your Confirmation Saint is who you are choosing as your saint. Be specific. There is more than one St. John or St. Mary. Do some research on the saints. Choose one that interests you or you feel drawn to.
  2. Your Confirmation Name
    1. Your Confirmation Name is what specifically you want your name to be. This is in case you want a variation of the Saint’s name. Ex: St. Mary Magdalene is your Confirmation saint. So you could choose your name to be Mary or you could choose a variation of Mary like Mariah or Maria.

Fill out the Form:




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