Faith Formation

Our Mission

Our Main Goal:

To teach as Jesus taught and to give those we teach the opportunity to truly know Jesus Christ and His Church.

Our teachers are volunteers from the parish who are commited and excited to share their faith with the children and teens. We desire to aid our families in any way possible.

Through our sessions we hope:


To bring every student closer to Jesus


To guide our students in the formation of values and a moral code in harmony with our Catholic Christian heritage


To pass along the rich tradition of the Catholic faith

Our Partnership with Parents:

All Baptism ceremonies end with a prayer of blessing for parents which contains these words:

"… they [the parents] will be the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith. May they always be the best of teachers, bearing witness to the faith by what they say and do, in Christ Jesus our Lord."

St. Theresa Parish supports parents as the primary educators of their children and takes seriously the obligation to assist them in the faith formation of their young children and teens. The formation they receive from our program supplements what they see and do within the family. Both dimensions of religious education- family life and parish life- will be with them forever. It is our hope that we at the parish can assist our families as best we can.

Our Parish Program:

Our Program has weekly Faith Formation sessions for Grades 1-10 including sacramental preparation classes. Scroll down for more information on each Grade.


Grade 1-6 Program

Registration coming soon!

Grades 1-2: First Penance and First Communion

Grades 1-2 Faith Formation program is dedicated to preparing the children for their reception of First Penance and First Communion.

Reminder: This is a two year program. All those desiring to receive these sacraments in Grade 2 must register at the beginning of Grade 1.

First Penance is typically during the end of Fall/Winter time and First Communion is typically at the beginning of May in our parish.

Children who do not attend Catholic Schools will attend weekly sessions for two years (Grade 1 & 2). In Grade 2, the children who attend Catholic schools will join us for a few weeks of preparation sessions before each sacrament. 

Sessions meet on Sunday mornings at St. Theresa School. Exact time for 2019-2020 sessions coming soon!

Grades 3-6:

Sessions meet on Sunday mornings at St. Theresa School. Exact time for 2019-2020 sessions coming soon!

2019-2020 Year:


Grade 1-6 Schedule (COMING SOON!)

Important Dates:  
First Penance: COMING SOON!
First Communion:


Registration Coming Soon!

For help or questions, contact the Grade 1-6 Coordinator Sr Marie-Julie Seguin at


Grade 7 & 8 Program

Registration Coming Soon!

Sessions meet from 7-8 PM on Tuesday evenings at St. Theresa School.

2019-2020 Year:

Schedule: COMING SOON!

Sessions will begin in October 2019!


Confirmation Program

The Confirmation Program is focused on preparing our teens for the sacrament of Confirmation and giving them more opportunites to contiue growing closer to Jesus Christ.

Reminder: Confirmation preparation at St. Theresa’s, as in other parishes, is a two-year program typically starting in Grade 9 and ending in Grade 10 with Confirmation, but older high schoolers are welcome to go through the two-year program as well. These two years of preparation will be referred to as Confirmation 1 and Confirmation 2.

Confirmation 1 info coming soon.

Confirmation 2 info coming soon.


Sessions meet from 7-8 PM on Tuesday evenings at St. Theresa School.

2019-2020 Year:

Schedules: COMING SOON!

Sessions begin in October 2019!

Confirmation 2020: COMING SOON!

Confirmation 2 Due Dates:

1. Confirmation Name & Sponsors due Friday, November 1

3. Confirmation Letters to the Bishop due Tuesday, March 3


For help or questions, contact the Grade 7-10 Coordinator Ellen Klein at or 617-325-1300.












































































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